You won’t go unseen with our flashy color… get ready to be flashed!

Make your Facebook or
LinkedIn profile –
or any other web
address you want – visible and
shareable via a small aluminum plaque.

Our Flash Me Find Me products are unique because they can be re-used as many times as you like.


QR Codes : A Unique Tool for Your Communication Needs

The QR Code is a 2 dimensional barcode which can store all kinds of data like addresses, web sites and messages. Any Smartphone can decode it by accessing a QR Code Reader application, which is free and readily available in the Appstores. When the code is printed on a physical item it can bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real one.

QR Codes can help with all your communication needs:

- When you launch a new product
- When you create a new web site
- When you want to invite people to an event
- When you want to push a video virally on the internet

Whatever the nature of your message, a QR Code will allow you to push it easily to a targeted audience.

There are many giveaways available in the market today. How can you differentiate yourself? What can you do to stand out? How do you make sure that the life expectancy of your giveaway will exceed one day, one week and one month?

With FLASH ME FIND ME your giveaways will be used for a very long time because it will become its owner’s new social or professional business card.

At first scan, the QR Code will push a message of your choice (a video, a web site, an invitation, etc..). But from that point on, the QR Code can be reset (after a specific time that you will decide, 5 minutes, 2 hours, 1 day...) so that its owner can decide how to use the QR Code for his/her own personal use.

Your gift is unique: it will showcase your brand and logo and when first scanned, it will broadcast your messaging. Beyond that, allow the owner of this gift to use it as he/she pleases. This is now a guarantee that your giveaway will be used, and exposed over a long period of time, while still carrying your brand.

Using a Flash Me Find Product will enable you to hand out a unique giveaway which can both send your message across and get personalized at the same time.

Our QR Codes can be printed on all kind of materials:

luggage tags

Beyond the customization of your product, we will provide you with analytics and other additional services that will allow you to create unique campaigns and achieve your goals, while offering a unique gift to your targeted audience and maintaining an ongoing link with them, way beyond the original point of contact.


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Sharing your Facebook or LinkedIn profile has never been easier than with Flash Me Find Me. There is no more need to email or text your contact info to others, just let them “flash”, or scan your code and they will automatically get it on their smartphone. Want to distribute your blog or YouTube video? Sharing information or sending data is now just a flash away.