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Putting The Spotlight On Your Home

A blog that is filled with inspiration and design

What Is This Blog About?

This blog has a variety of different categories about how to buy and make your home as perfect as it can be for you and your family. It’s about letting your creativity run wild and creating a comfortable oasis.

Real Estate

Find out everything you need to know about entering the world of Real Estate. Whether that's improving curb appeal, buying properties to improve or understanding the basics.

Design Tips

Every home needs to feel like the essence of yourself and therefore, I have a variety of great tips for a perfect home.

Key Features

Sometimes all you need in your home is a feature of some kind. Whether this is a piece of art, a bookshelf, or anything else that can really make the most of your space.


Need to spruce up your home? Then why not check out my renovation tips and build some new features for it.

Meet Kylie

Hey there! I’m Kylie and I am the creator and writer of this blog. As an interior designer, I often find that people are unprepared when they are trying to redesign their homes. Plus my new husband and I have just moved into our first home so we are planning on designing it in a way that reflects both of our personalities. So with these factors, I thought what better way to start a blog.

I hope that you take some inspiration from this blog and create your perfect home!

Popular Category

Most people who read my blog like to look at my “Buying a Home” section the most. This is because many people don’t really know where to start and are often afraid of making a mistake with this important decision. I have some great tips and tricks for buying a house and ensuring that you don’t hit any detrimental bumps in the road.